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Visual Impairment Awareness Session with Linden Lodge School

At the beginning of June, some of the children at Seahorse Nursery Southfield’s were invited to join Linden Lodge School in a Visual Impairment Awareness session. The children all really enjoyed the experience and learnt a lot more about the children they share the building with at Linden Lodge. By Charmaine Williams, Manager at Seahorse […]

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Earth Day 2021 – Teaching Children the Importance of Caring for the Planet

“The futures not yet written but I’ll make sure that it’s ours”. Quote from ‘There’s a Rang-Tan in my Bedroom’  Over the last term, we have been focusing on the topic of the Jungle. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this theme, learning about a range of different animals and the ecosystem; we also continued to […]

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Literacy in the Early Years

One of my fondest memories as a young child was curling up in my Grandmother’s enormous bed and listening to her read Les Malheurs de Sophie (Sophie’s Misfortunes), written in 1858 by the Countess of Ségur. By Mary Rose, Deputy Manager Seahorse Nursery Mary’s own childhood copy of ‘Sophie’ I remember, so clearly, Sophie being […]

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Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing

The first years of life are important for a child’s personal, social and emotional development. From birth, babies are reliant upon others for key survival and will only know their immediate needs such as when they are wet, hungry or need love. Babies begin to develop object permanence around the age of 6 months – […]

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Seahorse Nursery Winter Wonderland

On Thursday 10th and Friday 11th December 2020, Santa Claus visited all of our pupils across Wimbledon Park and Southfields in his roaming Winter Wonderland nursery transit van. The children all had the opportunity to meet Santa outdoors, peer inside his magical winter wonderland, feed a carrot to one of Santa’s reindeers, and lastly receive […]

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