Benefits of intergenerational connections

We are lucky to meet many of our children’s grandparents over the years they attend Nursery however not everyone has family based nearby Southfields who can be involved in day to day life. We welcome all family members to our Nursery events such as Grandparent’s Day and parent’s events. In addition we are partnered with Signature at Wimbledon Care Home (formerly Kingsmere Retirement and Care Home), which enables our children to spend time with the older generation.

For children, interaction with older people supports their learning as part of the early years curriculum. It boosts their confidence and their social development. Many children don’t have older relatives living close by, so contact with residents helps their understanding of ageing and issues affecting older people.

For older residents, it can improve their mental and physical health and reduce loneliness and depression. Older people say how much they look forward to the activities with the children and talk about the joy of seeing them learn and grow.

Stephen Burke, Director of think tank United for All Ages, said: “Britain is one of the most age segregated countries in the world. Care-home nurseries… can bring older and younger people together, benefiting them and other generations. While we are not based at the care home we are near enough to make regular visits.

We are currently looking at how we can develop our programme to include more activities outside of singing and reading with the residents.