We open the door, with a big welcome, from 07:45 hours – we have a flexible drop off policy so you can bring your child to Nursery at any time. If you are planning to arrive after 09:00 then we ask that you let us know. Babies and toddlers are welcomed into the room generally with a cuddle from one of the team while the parent signs their child in and puts their bag on their peg. For pre-school aged children they are encouraged to take off their coat independently and hang it on their peg. It is a sociable time which enables parents to exchange any information with a member of the team. Your child will then sit down for breakfast or if the time is after 08:30 then engage with an activity of their choosing, say goodbye to the parent and so the day begins.

7:45Welcome and breakfast
8:45Singing and dancing
9:00Child-centred play, e.g. sensory activities, messy play, puppet show, role play
9:15-10:00Nap time for babies, if required
10:15Healthy snack and drink
10:30Garden play e.g. sandpit, mud kitchen, imaginative play, slide
11:30-12:30Lunch (freshly prepared by Zebedees)
12:00-14:00Sleep or relax time, depending on room
14:15Adult led activities and child centred play opportunities
15:00Snack time, water
15:15Garden play, e.g. water play, sit and ride toys, role play
16:30Supper, story time
17:00Free play, e.g. musical instruments, home corner
18:00-18:30Home time - you're welcome to come and collect your child at any time. We operate a flexible drop-off and pickup.

Our ‘play’ times are planned on a weekly basis to meet the interests and next steps of each child. They can be indoor and outdoor – whenever possible, the double doors are open allowing free flow between the inside and outside classrooms. The practitioners prepare the environment to make it exciting and stimulating and lay out various activities for the children to examine, create, construct and decipher. All of our practitioners get down to the children’s level – adult involvement with the children gives enhancement of play and learning, safety, support when required and helps to extend learning and development of each individual child. At the beginning and end of play sessions we often have group singing, rhymes, musical movement or story time. Our Early Years Teachers teach specific numeracy and literacy sessions called Inky Swot for children from aged 3 to help in preparation for school – these may take place in the morning or afternoon.

Personal care routines: are attended to at specific times during the day and, in addition, whenever necessary. We have potties and other items to assist with the toilet training process. Children learn about the importance of hand washing and everyone washes their hands before every meal to maintain good levels of hygiene.

Sleep time: babies have a dedicated sleep area and their own cot or coracle. Our toddlers and pre-school children rest on comfy mats with blankets.

Water: every child has their own beaker or water bottle kept in their room so they have access to water throughout the day. There is a drinking water fountain in the outside area which practitioners teach the Seahorse children to use. Practitioners support, remind and encourage all babies, toddlers and children to stay hydrated. At snack time there is a choice of water or milk. Formula milk is given as per your child’s home routine.

Book a tour

The best way to get a feel for our environment is to come and visit us.

One of our team will be pleased to show you around the nursery and take you through how we support your child's learning and development.

A typical visit lasts around 20-30 minutes and you can use this handy online form to arrange a date and time. Please note that pre-school visits are generally at 10:00, and day nursery visits are at 10:30 and 15:30.

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