Breakfast consists of a choice of cereals (warm porridge for our babies) and homemade bread baked on site (fresh or toasted).

Lunches and tea are provided by Zebedee’s Lunch Box catering company. Zebedees are currently the UK’s leading nursery meal provider. They prepare and deliver fresh, delicious meals that provide children with all the nutrients they need. Zebedee’s have an in-house nutritionist who puts the menus together and the company have been awarded a Menu Checked logo by the Children’s Food Trust. Lunch is a hot meal.

The menus provide the essential food groups and meet the dietary needs of growing children. Zebedee’s menus include plenty of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and organic pulses. All of the food is baked, braised, steamed or boiled and no deep fried items are served. Wherever possible, low salt products are used. Zebedee’s menus are designed with health in mind and are also committed to cultivating enjoyment of a variety of tastes in young people, which contributes to a balanced diet in later life. As well as traditional fare, menus include more inventive dishes, created by Zebedee’s chefs to introduce new flavours to the children. Once every three weeks there is an ‘Around the World’ theme day, which presents authentic dishes from around the world and is used as a tool for teaching our children about different cuisines and cultures. Please click here for an example of our lunch and tea menu.

Meal times at the Seahorse Nursery are a social time where all the children sit together with members of staff. We use this time to develop healthy eating habits, good manners and to help the children develop the technique of eating with a spoon, knife and fork and other skills like spreading and chopping.

The babies and toddlers in the Starfish room have all of their teachers sat with them around the table for lunch. To ensure dietary requirements are met one member of staff serves the food and all others sit down. Children who need help are assisted in scooping with their spoon and we place our hand over theirs to help them learn this technique. Children should be attempting this from 12 months and should have mastered this around 17 months. All children who require spoon feeding by an adult are helped and we have lots of finger food during the day so they can self-feed.