Most toddlers will eat well although they may have a day when they refuse foods that they usually like to eat.  However some toddlers find meal times difficult and this can cause you, as the parent, concerns and anxiety.  Learning to eat is like any other leaning process – it takes time.  If your child is a fussy eater then it is important not to let mealtimes become a time of frustration, tantrums and refused food.  Remember – most toddlers grow out of the problem and learn to eat a variety of foods.

* There are medical reasons why your toddler might not eat – usually either your child is constipate or anaemic so do seek advice from your Health Visitor or GP.

We have lots of tips to help with this concern – please come and talk to us.

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The best way to get a feel for our environment is to come and visit us.

One of our team will be pleased to show you around the nursery and take you through how we support your child's learning and development.

A typical visit lasts around 20-30 minutes and you can use this handy online form to arrange a date and time. Please note that pre-school visits are generally at 10:00, and day nursery visits are at 10:30 and 15:30.

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