Our setting:

The Seahorse Nursery School is located in the ground floor of our family home and this special environment makes the transition from home to school easier for the child. The atmosphere is relaxed, informal and nurturing with the environment made as attractive and appealing as possible. It offers a safe, caring environment in which your child will be able to learn, make friends and have fun. We enrol children from 2.5 years old to school age. We are open term time only from 09:15 – 12:30 (Monday to Friday). We offer extended days from 09:15 – 15:00 on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Southfields Term Time Preschool

Principal: Julia Wolfe
Manager: Harriet Wolfe

Email: seahorsenursery55@gmail.com


Seahorse Term Time Preschool
55 Southdean Gardens
SW19 6NT

Meet the Leadership Team:

Southfields – Term Time Preschool

Mrs Julia Wolfe

Julia has been professionally involved with Early Years teaching for over 25 years. In a former life she was a Captain in the British Army and later helped run the World Sportscar World Championship. Many managerial and organisational skills have been honed by both these enjoyable mini careers. Julia holds a Professional Practice Certificate in Early Childhood Education and a PLA Diploma and has been involved in professional pre-school teaching for 19 years.

Southfields – Term Time Preschool

Mrs Harriet Wolfe

Harriet has been involved in the Seahorse Nursery since it opened and made a career change in 2012 to move into teaching full-time. She is a School Governor for a local Primary School. In her spare time she enjoys high altitude trekking, long distance cycling and running to keep fit. Harriet enjoys using her Qualified Teaching Status for Early Years (specialising in birth to five years) and Level 3 NVQ Children's Care, Learning and Development to give children the best start in life.

Education and Development:

We follow a play based pedagogy (Learning through Play) and provide purposeful play based opportunities for each child. This allows for every aspect of child development and natural progression through the different stages of the pre-school years. We offer a wide range of activities and access to resources which are stimulating, challenging, absorbing and satisfying to support your child and for them to enjoy discovering the world at their own pace.

Our curriculum, which is child centred, follows the statutory Early Years Foundation Stage. There are seven Areas of Learning which are inter-connected:

Prime areas:
·  Personal, Social and Emotional development
·  Physical development
·  Communication and Language
Specific areas:
·   Literacy
·   Mathematics
·   Understanding the World
·   Expressive Arts and Design

We  understand that every child is unique and their learning will overlap and interweave within all these areas as they learn and develop at their own pace.  All children are able to experiment creatively with a wide range of age appropriate materials – sand, water, wood, dough, clay, paints, crayons, collage materials; role play, looking at books and listening to stories in the Book Corner. Table top and floor activities encourage concentration skills and fine motor co-ordination with a myriad of mark making equipment, puzzles, construction toys and other resources appropriate to their age. We use a range of resources to develop their physical co-ordination and spatial awareness including climbing frames, slide and balancing beams. The Seahorse Nursery School has a secure outdoor area including a sandpit, gravel  pit and shell beds, wheeled items, giant wooden blocks and numerous other resources ensuring many opportunities for imaginative and creative play.  We use our outside areas as another classroom whenever the weather permits. The children also enjoy cookery, gardening, music and dance, singing, outings into the local community and visitors into the Nursery.

At 3 years old, providing they are ready both emotionally and cognitively, every child joins the Inky Swot Club.  They stay at the Nursery until 3pm once a week to concentrate on numeracy and literacy but also undertake mini creative projects, games and construction to utilise their skills and continue to have lots of fun. We follow bespoke literacy and numeracy programmes: 1:1 attention is given to ensure each child understands how to use equipment and resources such as sand paper letters, plastic alphabet, pink boxes, mathematical rods, 3D shapes, counting and dice games and puzzles.

Daily routine:

09.00Arrival of staff – daily briefing and setting up
09.15Nursery opens
9:15Work cycle 1 begins – indoor and outdoor – various mini activities for the children to examine, create, construct, decipher. Adult involvement with the children gives enhancement of play and learning, safety, support when required and help to extend learning and development of each individual child.
10:35All Nursery members tidy up and help practitioners to put away the resources they’ve used.
10:40Group singing, musical instruments, rhymes, musical movement etc.
10:50Non Inky Swot members: to hall area for the lavatory, washing hands, nappy changes if applicable
Inky Swot members: circle time in main room for discussion and information exchange on mini topic of the day
(The two groups swap these tasks until personal hygiene routine completed for all nursery children)
11:10Collect Name cards and sit at snack table
Snack time for children: water (available at any time) or milk plus personal snack bought from home (fruit or vegetables)
Register: group counting
11:25-12:15Work cycle 2 begins (same routine as work cycle 1) plus tidy-up
12:15Whiteboard de-brief with children (displayed for parents outside to provide feedback of the session)
12:20Story time
12:30Children collected by parents/carers
12:30-13:00Debrief of morning activities by all practitioners
Evaluation and reflection of session, time to update learning journals of key children and prepare for next session.
Clean lavatory, empty bins, sweep/clean all floors, load dishwasher etc.

Whenever possible the double doors are open allowing free passage between the classroom outside and the classroom inside.

​We offer a Wednesday afternoon club which is an extended day until 3pm. The children stay for packed lunch with their friends and then have a third work cycle (see above – same routine as work cycle 1) and story time.


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