Visual Impairment Awareness Session with Linden Lodge School

At the beginning of June, some of the children at Seahorse Nursery Southfield’s were invited to join Linden Lodge School in a Visual Impairment Awareness session. 

The children all really enjoyed the experience and learnt a lot more about the children they share the building with at Linden Lodge.


By Charmaine Williams, Manager at Seahorse Nursery Southfields

As many of our parents may already know, in 2020 our Seahorse Day Nursery setting in Southfields relocated to the Jasmine Building within Linden Lodge School. This exciting move created a lot of new opportunities for the children. We now have access to the schools on site Woodland Walk, which meant we could continue with many of our Forest School activities during the pandemic and the children can also start taking part in Forest School activities from a younger age! 

Charmaine (R) Manager at Seahorse Nursery Southfields with Liz (L) Assistant Head of Early Years at Linden Lodge School

We have more garden space so all the children get more time outdoors. We  can set up activities specifically for age groups, our Seahorse’s can have more challenging outdoor activities like obstacle courses and age appropriate road safety activities, while separately, our Starfish’s can have fun in the garden away from the bigger children. We can also access the multi-sensory soft play area.

With our move, the children also have had the opportunity to interact with their new neighbours within the Jasmine Building. We were very excited to be able to arrange some sessions with the Early Years team at Linden Lodge so the children could learn more about their peers and the kinds of visual impairments that they have. 

The session started with a discussion about what it means to be visually impaired, followed by a question and answer session with the children.

They were all very keen to learn more about the different types of visual impairments and what that means for the children at Linden Lodge. 

You can learn more about Linden Lodge’s engaging environment here


The children then took part in a play session where they got to experience a range of specialist resources such as tactile books, switch toys, light up toys and much more.  

The children really enjoyed the opportunity to explore new toys and different types of resources. They compared the differences between the resources in their own classroom with the ones used at Linden Lodge and then discussed how these help children with visual impairments learn. 

The children were given cards with their names on as well as the braille translations. The children spoke about how the children in the Jasmine Building with visual impairments use braille, which is a series of raised dots that can be read using the fingers, rather than with our eyes. 

They all really enjoyed reading their own names and then feeling their names in braille. 


The children took part in a small obstacle course in which they used blindfolds and scarves and were guided through the room by practitioners. This was to help the children understand the extra support that the pupils at Linden Lodge need to do their daily activities. 

Our Seahorse children really enjoyed learning that the children at Linden Lodge enjoy doing many of the same activities as them, including singing, dancing, story times and playing in the garden. They were really interested in understanding the support needed for them to do that. 

The children tried out some different glasses which simulate what different visual impairments can be like to help them better understand what visual impairments are. 

At the Seahorse Nursery Inset Day in March 2020, the whole Seahorse team took part in a visual impairment awareness session lead by David Shaw, Deputy Head at Linden Lodge. 

It was a really informative session for the team and it was great that the children could experience it too! 

"I have had the pleasure of interacting with the children at Seahorse nursery during my two sessions with them. The purpose of these sessions was to promote their awareness of children with a visual impairment. My intention was to encourage understanding, acceptance and respect for their neighbour peers with a visual impairment. Seahorse children embraced the opportunity to become familiar with some of the tools and techniques we use to support our children at Linden Lodge School. I was thrilled at their realisation that our children like to do many of the same things that they like to do, such as singing, dancing, playing and learning new things. They showed an interest in the different tools and support our children require in order to do all these lovely things. Thank you for this special opportunity Seahorse Nursery. Thank you to the children for their enthusiasm and for the meaningful interactions."
Andrea Aplas
Assistant Head of Early Years

We want to say a huge thank you to the Linden Lodge team for making us all at Seahorse Nursery feel so welcome at our new site.

The children and staff all thoroughly enjoyed their visual impairment awareness session and loved the opportunity to get to know more about our neighbours in the Jasmine Building! 

Seahorse Room Leader Chris (R) with Linden Lodge Assistant Head of Early Years Andrea (L)

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