At Seahorse Nursery we recognise that as parents you are the primary educator. You have a greater understanding of your child than we do as we only see them in a professional capacity within the Nursery environment.  It is, therefore, our aim to create a close, professional relationship between home and nursery.  Our practitioners work hard to provide parents with the support they need and develop a partnership to ensure that each child flourishes.

  • We need information, both verbal and written, about your child and their interests to create a bespoke Learning Journey.  You are welcome to look at their work file at any time. There is a specific form for these Home notes which we encourage you to fill in and share with your key person.
  • We hope you feel as welcome in our Nursery as is your child; the Seahorse family was established in 1997 and this sense of a Seahorse community and family ethos remains at the heart of what we do.
  • We encourage both fathers and mothers to become involved in all aspects of school and also welcome grandparents, aunts, uncles, nannies and other carers to get involved.
  • All parents are regularly emailed a Seahorse Newsletter which shares information about recent topics or celebrations, what we will be focusing on in the weeks ahead, any staff changes and other useful information. Any information or artifacts that you and your child wish to bring in will be welcomed.  At the end of every nursery day the children have a reflection session where they tell the practitioners what they have particularly enjoyed doing at Nursery and any recall related to our learning that day.
  • All parents are welcome to discuss their child/children with their Key Person at any (suitable) time.  We also hold Parent meetings three times a year where there is an opportunity to look at your child’s folder and discuss their well-being.
  • If you celebrate any festival or have information on a subject that you wish to share with the group please feel free to speak to a member of the team. In the past we have enjoyed and been enthralled by interactive chats.  For example: a grandmother, who cycled around the world, brought in her bike to show the children as it was her ‘house’ for 8 months!  A Naval father came dressed in full diving gear and with a treasure chest full of goodies.  Several Scandinavian mothers have visited, in full National costume, with delicious food to sample and songs to sing. One mother brought in her violin, played for us and then helped children to make music. A father brought in working models of dinosaurs and dinosaur eggs. We have shared the celebrations of Iranian New Year, Chinese New Year, American Independence Day, Australia Day, Italian Carnival and Roshashan – often with delicious new foods to taste. A mother helped the group create a living tree which related to our Reduce, Re-use and Recycle pledges. A grandmother helped us celebrate Diwali with home cooked food and Indian head  massages.

Everybody has something interesting to share with the Nursery and any visits are welcome.

You will have a very enthusiastic audience. How about some cookery or reading a story?

  • Our parents board contains lots of information and notices – please check it regularly.